Viticoltori Ponte, a co-operative founded in 1948, represents one of the most important wine producing organizations in northeast of Italy. Nowadays Viticoltori Ponte is comprised of 1500 member growers, and counts on three plants: the "Cantina Sociale di Villorba" in Villorba, the "Cantina Basso Piave" in Eraclea, as well as the historical one located in Ponte di Piave, where the company has also established the bottling division.

The soil is heterogeneus, comprising widespread tough clay and the light sandy soil of the "grave" of the river Piave; this combination creates optimum pedological standards which, together with the favorable climate characteristic of a territory located between mountains and sea, generate the conditions for the development of quality wine production.

The great extension of the vineyards (more than 1500 hectars) enables the company to process accurately controlled grapes, obtaining top-quality wines ideal for great occasions, as well as for everyday consumption.

Viticoltori Ponte has been operating for 50 years, thus achieving a great experience in the production of wines. The company uses the most modern productive plants which ensure high quality standards throughout the whole process (grape-harvesting and selection, wine-making, refining and trading), entirely led within the firm.

Cantina Sociale Cooperativa di Ponte di Piave S.c.r.l. "Viticoltori Ponte" / Via Verdi, 50 / 31047 Ponte Di Piave TV / (0422) 857650

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