Born the son of a Texas moonshine maker, Mac McDonalds’ journey to winemaker/winery owner has been unconventional to say the least. Considering that he is one of only seven African-American vintners in a state with 900 wineries truly makes Mac & Vision Cellars unique. To think that his life altering pursuit of wine, specifically Pinot Noir, came at the tender age of 12 when he was given his first taste of a 1952 Burgundy is even more astounding. Mac has been pursuing his passion ever since.

McDonald, a retired PG&E supervisor co-owns Vision Cellars with his wife and partner, Lil. Together they are working to raise the profile of their winery while at the same time reaching out to a group that has largely been ignored by wine marketers. Since the first bottling of his 1997 Pinot Noir, Mac’s dream has remained the same. His “… wish is that you enjoy [his] wine and while sharing it with others you will appreciate [his] vision.”

Considering that his wines are now served in some of the best restaurants in the United States, including, San Francisco’s Rubicon, Jean George & City Hall in New York and Brix In Napa Valley it appears that Mac & Lil are well on their way towards sharing their vision with wine lovers throughout the country.

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