Coming upon the Rutherford crossroad you'll see the fresh new face of a venerable name on the Trail. Founded in 1881, Villa Mt. Eden is one of the few producers from the early era in Napa Valley history that continues to make world class wines today.

Now located on Conn Creek, there is a stylish new tasting room and winery, where not so long ago bears, deer and raccoon came down from the mountain to quench their thirst .

In the days of the rancho, 'Mission' grape vines filled the vineyards, however, by the time Villa Mt. Eden produced it's first vintage, new viticultural specimens imported from Europe were providing winemakers with quality grapes showing nice varietal flavors.

Today, Winemaker Mike McGrath bases his success on the excellent quality of those grapes. "The challenge of winemaking in California is expressing the qualities of each vineyard or lot." Meeting that challenge is a matter of experience or vision. Mike has both.

Villa Mt. Eden Winery / 8711 Silverado Trail / Rutherford, CA / 707-963-9100

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