A Passion for Prosecco
With its lovely golden color and heady fragrance, Prosecco is undoubtredly the finest sparkling wine in all of Italy. The wine owes much to the land, the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene with their green slopes and soft light that appear to have been lifted from a Renaissance painting.

Our friends, the Bisol family, have been creating Prosecco for generations. They own 45 hectares (111 acres) of vineyards that extend from Valobbiadene to Conegliano as well as three hectares of prime Carizze vineyards, a subregion of exceptionally fine land that covers just one hill. What makes the refined sparkling wine called Cartizze so special is the angle of the slope, perfect exposure to sun and wind and soil that is rich in grit.

The Bisols have had their share of stuggles, most notably during the battles of World War I and World War II. Their brick-lined cellar sustained damage, as did those of most other wineries in the area. But they clung to their heritage and their land, and when the wars were finally over the cellar was rebuilt, the terraced vineyards were repaired and Prossecco production resumed.

Today, the Bisols produce almost 500,000 bottles of wine (about 42,000 cases), the vast majority of it being Prosecco. What differentiates Prosecco from sparkling wines made from Chardonay or Pinot Noir is that it is lively, crisp and refreshing. While Champagne can sometimes feel heavy, Prosecco is always effervescent and light. I like to say that Champagne may be what you open when you've won the race, but Prosecco is what you drink while you watch the race. Its appeals are irresistible, and I predict that Prosecco will skyrocket in popularity as more people discover it.

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