Have you ever watched an idea--a dream--make the transition to reality? That's what's happening today at Thunder Mountain. The dream is that of a small ultra-premium winery dedicated to producing the very finest wine possible. It means producing a limited volume of hand-crafted, single-vineyard wines that showcase the grape varieties, the vintage and the unique soils and micro-climates of those vineyards. It means no compromises in obtaining the finest physiologically ripe grapes from dedicated growers who share our commitment to quality.

It means not using the best available grapes, but using only the best grapes. It means using the best barrels from premium French and American oak forests to compliment the grape varieties. It means hand-crafting our wines, using a non- interventionalist approach to wine-making. It means applying the wine-making art backed by state-of-the-art technology; technology to be used only when necessary, not whenever possible. And it means a dedication to developing and serving a base of loyal customers.

Quite a Dream!

Thunder Mountain / P.O. Box 3969 / Santa Cruz, CA 95063 / 831-439-8716

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