Grapes from the best of California's vineyards go into the delicious varietal wines of Tessera. These wines express the exuberant, fruit-forward character wine lovers have come to expect and appreciate from California.

The name Tessera describes each separate piece in a mosaic, and the Tessera winemaking team approaches vineyard selection and blending much in the way an artist might use a selection of materials to create a masterful whole.

Rather than expressing the personal style of a winemaker or the characteristics of an individual vineyard, Tessera wines achieve a delightful and consistent varietal flavor profile through blending and meticulous winemaking. President Samuel F. Bronfman II personally led the Seagram Chateau and Estate Wines Company team who created Tessera. The first vintage premiered in California stores and restaurants in April of 1996.

Tessera / P.O. Drawer 500/ Rutherford, CA 94573 / 888-837-9463

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