Our Concept. The concept began, as most wineries do, with love: love of wines, of the valley life style and of the beautiful Napa Valley itself. After many visits here a successful French businessman, Robert Skalli, and his family were convinced that their business acumen developed through years in the European food industry could be translated effectively into an investment in California vineyards and a winery. But here the story differs. Over ten years of contemplating the project Robert Skalli had been fortunate enough to receive guidance in vineyard selection from some of the valley's most respected vintners. On their advice and because innovation and creativity have always been by-words in the Skalli enterprises, the family chose to invest not just in the proven viticultural area of Napa Valley, but to set themselves apart by following the "road less taken" into a small corner of the Napa Valley appellation, a microclimate named Pope Valley.

St. Supery Vineyards / 8440 St. Helena Highway (Hwy. 29) / Rutherford, CA 94573 / (800) 942-0809

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