Ambassador John Loeb Jr. has been growing grapes in his Russian Riverbend Vineyards in the Alexander Valley of Sonoma County, California, since 1973. His properties lie in two parcels.

One parcel is 47 acres; It is planted with chardonnay in the Alexander Valley. These 47 acres lie across a small dirt road from the Robert Young Vineyard. They are directly adjacent to this great vineyard in the Alexander Valley. These acres yield fruit of a similar style and have flavor elements similar to their next door neighbor.

The second parcel is 69 acres; It is planted with champagne grapes, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This land borders the Russian River -- not far from the world renowned Bohemian Grove. The Russian Riverbend Vineyard takes its name from the Russian River which flows by Mr. Loeb's property.

Most of the great wine growing regions of the world are found along rivers -- Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Rhine, Mosel, and Alexander Valley. In the case of the latter, it is the Russian River whose broad valley floor provides the right soil, drainage, and climate to grow some of the most sought after premium grapes in Sonoma County.

Mr Loeb has been producing 600 tons of grapes annually. Year after year, Sonoma-Loeb grapes have been purchased by many of California's leading wineries.

Now, Mr. Loeb is devoting a small portion of his best chardonnay to the production of Sonoma-Loeb Wines hand-crafted with the most exacting techniques of modem viticulture. His wines are aged in French oak barriques and receive the care that is possible only when small quantities are made.

The Sonoma-Loeb wines are vinified to meet the highest standards of the most demanding connoisseurs and are available in strictly limited quantities. John Loeb's goal has been to produce fine chardonnays of immediate appeal that are rich in flavor and personality.

The Sonoma-Loeb Chardonnays are 100% barrel-fermented in the finest French oak and remain in contact with the lees for up to eight months.

John L. Loeb Jr. was the United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark from 1981 to 1983. He then served as a United States Delegate to the United Nations. He is a member of the Loeb and Lehman families which have played an influential role in American business, political and cultural life since 1680. Among the firms they founded were Loeb, Rhoades & Co. and Lehman Brothers.

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