From the northern Anglona hills and the plains above Alghero, on the island of Sardegna, comes the mighty Cannonau, the strong-charactered Vermentino, and the fragrant Moscato. Sardinians have been making wine since as early as the 8th century B.C., when itinerant Phoenician traders showed them the tricks of the trade. Viticulture was later given a boost by the arrival, in the 13th century, of Spainís would-be "conquistadores."

The Soletta family estate is located in the region of "Commune di Florinas," of the province Sassari. It is here that two Soletta brothers, Umberto (a former race-car driver), Francesco, and their sister Pina, carry on the traditions of generations of the Soletta family in the meticulous production and vinification of fine wines.

Tenute Soletta / Via Sassari 77 / 07030 Florinas SS / 079-438160

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