Sky Vineyards is fourteen acres of Zinfandel grapevines and a tiny winery located on Mt. Veeder at an elevation of 2100 feet. When we established Sky Vineyards in 1973 we felt this beautiful, secluded ranch had several characteristics important for growing outstanding Zinfandel, among them, reddish volcanic soil, excellent water drainage, steep hillsides, constant air movement and eastern exposure. To understand our choice of the name Sky it would be best if you could be standing in our mountain vineyard nestled in these wild California hills.

The vines at Sky are not irrigated and as a result produce a small crop of intensely flavored fruit. These precious grapes are carefully harvested by hand and then fermented in one ton lots. During fermentation the cap of the fermenting juice is punched down by hand three times daily. After the wine has fermented to dryness it is pressed in a traditional basket press and then spends a year in 60 gallon French oak barrels. Our annual Production of 1000 cases are bottled-aged for one year prior to release.

Our wine typically has intense fruit, raspberry, violet and peppery flavors. In the mouth it is lively and interesting and finishes with pleasing proportions of acid and tannin. We believe it will be its most fulfilling form 5-10 years following the vintage date. To further accentuate the individuality and character of each vintage we create a new label and cork design each year.

We believe in a hands-on approach to winemaking and this is reflected in the care we give our vines and wines throughout the year. Our goal is to present you with a distinctive and enjoyable bottle of top of the line Zinfandel.

Sky Vineyards / 1500 Lokoya Rd / Napa
Contact Info: 4352 Cavedale Rd / Glen Ellen, CA 95442 / 707 935 1391 / Fax: 707 935 7600

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