Siduri is the Babylonian goddess of wine - the keeper of the wine of eternal life.

Siduri is also the realized goal of two wine lovers - Dianna and Adam Lee. We are both Texas natives and have backgrounds in wine sales. Sharing a passion for Pinot Noir led us to produce a small quantity of Pinot from the 1994 vintage. This first wine met with great critical success and resulted in an increase in production in both 1995 and 1996. Throughout these three vintages we have unfailing held to a set of core beliefs.

We believe that the world’s great wines are a product of outstanding grapes. To this end Siduri purchases grapes by the acre rather than by the ton. Unfortunately, this results in more expensive grapes - but it also allows us to go into the vineyards ourselves and limit crop yields. Through a combination of shoot thinning and dropping crop at verasion we limit crop yields to 2 tons an acre or less. We also vigorously thin vegetative growth and remove any second crop. As the grapes near maturity we are tasting them on a consistent basis. Harvest occurs only when we think the grapes taste mature - not simply when they reach a certain sugar level.

We believe in letting each vineyard’s unique personality show through in the wine.
To this end each vineyard dictates decisions such as the timing of the harvest, the amount of whole clusters used, and the type of oak utilized. We want each wine to be a unique creation of the terroir and the particular vintage.

We believe in a winemaking philosophy of minimal intervention.
Prior to fermentation we allow the juice to rest on the skins for 72-84 hours. During this time we mix the skins in with the wine every two hours around the clock (we actually sleep in the cellar). Fermentation is a combination of indigenous yeasts and, if necessary, a smaller than normal addition of cultured yeasts. Our goal is to have a longer, cooler fermentation. As this point, depending on the wine’s character, we decide if the wine would benefit from further maceration. Only the free-run and first press wine is placed in the barrels.

We believe that top quality oak is essential for great wine. We use new cooperage from Francois Freres and a small amount of new, three-year air dried oak from Tonnellerie Sansaud. If, based upon the particular wine, we decide to use older oak we use only top-quality used barrels from Francois Freres.

Lastly, we take great joy in wine and will only make a wine that we would like to drink.

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