The history of Sebastiani Vineyards dates back to 1825. In that year, the Franciscan fathers of nearby mission San Francisco Solano, assisted by local native American's, first cleared and planted land for their vineyards. These vineyards are among the oldest vineyard sites in northern California. They were acquired in 1904 by Samuele Sebastiani, the founder of our family winery, who immigrated from the wine producing region of Tuscany in northern Italy in 1895.

Samuele's story is an interesting one. When he first arrived in California, like most immigrants of the time, he was very young and very poor. He began working at odd jobs and finally saved enough money to purchase a horse and wagon, which he used to haul cobblestones from a quarry in the hill behind Sonoma to help pave the streets of San Francisco. By 1904, with the money he saved from this enterprise he was able to buy land, grow grapes and begin making fine wine; a craft he learned before immigrating to America.

Shortly after Samuele's death in 1944, his son August Sebastiani and August's wife Sylvia, purchased the winery from his father's estate. August soon gained a reputation as one of America's most skilled and innovative wine makers, a recognition justly held to this day.

Today, the third generation of this Sonoma Valley family leads the winery to new heights of national recognition as an acknowledged leader in the wine industry. Under the direction of August Sebastiani's widow, Sylvia, their son Don Sebastiani acts as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Other family members involved in the family business include: August and Sylvia's daughter, Mary Ann Sebastiani Cuneo and her husband, Richard A Cuneo, who serves as winery President.

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