Quivira Vineyards is a small property producing estate grown wines from grapes which excel in Sonoma County's Dry Creek Valley, a celebrated wine growing region for more than 100 years. The owners and staff at Quivira are all partners in the business and all personally contribute to Quivira's success with great care and pride. Quivira (pronounced "Key-veer-ah") is the name of a legendary kingdom, believed to have prospered centuries ago in the land now known as Sonoma County.

Quivira is an ideal environment for the crafting of artisan wines. The estate vineyards, planted to grape varieties that excel here, provide fruit with defined Dry Creek Valley character. Quivira's small production allows the winemaker to assemble the wine in a personal, creative style, with a focus on the grapes authentic flavors. "Quivira is the perfect size for me because I have my hands on each of the wines, and I am able to treat each wine individually," says Winemaker Grady Wann.

Starting a month before harvest, Grady is in the vineyard daily. "We begin to craft our wine in the vineyard," he says. "I believe the most critical decision we make each year is when to pick. And in making that decision, nothing takes the place of tasting grapes," he adds.

Quivira specializes in Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel and a proprietary red wine called Dry Creek Cuvée. To augment flavors and complexity, classic blending varieties are employed in all wines.

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