The property most often referred to simply as "Pride," is one hundred and seventy acres of simultaneously rugged mountain terrain and stunningly beautiful vistas. With two wineries (soon to be three) on the ranch, as well as two homes, a guesthouse and easements to two adjoining properties, the lengthy list of house numbers at the bottom of the driveway led one guest to ask if we were selling lots! Through the simple Iron Gate and down the single lane road to the left, the imposing ruin of the old Summit Winery looms through the forest. Built in 1890, the sixty-four foot square, three stories high, gravity fed winery processed fruit grown on this and neighboring properties until Prohibition. Local lore has it that the fire that destroyed the winery was more than just a little suspicious! Left as the ranch dump, until Jim and Carolyn Pride spent their first dozen weekends as new property owners hauling trash and having giant bonfires, it is now an incredibly peaceful spot for an afternoon picnic or winemaker’s dinner. Just past the old winery is the secluded little A-frame guesthouse – but the answer will be a polite, "no" – it is only used for family guests! Up the hill, past the startlingly blue reservoir, and the new Cabernet Franc terraces, the tasting room perches on a knoll fronted by a garden of the roses that have always thrived here. Designed to be in keeping with the tradition of casualness that pervades the ranch, this building also houses the Sonoma County production area, administrative offices and winery lab. Across the brick inlay that denotes the Napa/Sonoma county line, which runs through the crush pad, the site of the Napa winery waits patiently for building to begin. The cave entrance straddles the county line and is the threshold of 900 feet of subterranean storage extending under the hillside and opening out into a glass-enclosed space overlooking the vineyards and the north end of the Napa Valley. Jim and Carolyn Pride have reason to be pleased by the marriages of restoration and innovation and form and function that have been united to create a beautiful environment in which to work and play.

At Pride Mountain Vineyards the rigorous mountainous growing environment intensifies the varietal definition and enhances the structure of the wines we produce. Vineyard blocks have been planted to optimize the vines’ relationships to our various exposures and the geological mosaic that is our piece of Spring Mountain. Human sensitivity unites these elements to establish a fine balance.

MERLOT. Rich and sturdy, deep and dark, our Merlots offer aromas reminiscent of blackberry, currant and sweet clove. Traces of Cabernet Sauvignon are included in the blend to add complexity and complete the tannin spectrum.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON. Cabernet enjoys the rocky volcanic soils which darken the wine’s color and create cassis and chocolate flavor elements. 100% varietal, these wines are enjoyable in their youth and will age beautifully for decades.

CABERNET FRANC. Sun exposure on the ripening fruit brings out the character of blueberry and green tea which is married with fine French oak. Cabernet Sauvignon is also blended for flavor, complexity and structural contribution.

VIOGNIER. At full ripeness, the Viognier grape evolves seductive aromas of fresh peaches, citrus blossoms and jasmine. The alpine environment and 2000 foot elevation preserve the natural acidity which provides the elegant balance and long lingering finish.

CHARDONNAY. Barrel fermentation, full malo-lactic fermentation and sur lie aging contribute character to this ripe, rich Chardonnay. Flavors of butterscotch and toasty oak fill the palate and linger long in the finish.

SAUVIGNON. Portions of the richest Cabernet Sauvignon ripening lots are blended and allowed to barrel age for an additional six months. These 100% varietals are then bottle aged for eight months prior to their release.

Again, the richest ripening lots of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are blended and given six months additional barrel aging. The Claret is also blended with traces of Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot for their contribution to complexity and texture. Release also follows eight months of bottle aging.

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