Our southeast facing, Dry Creek hillside vineyards have the advantage of being above the fog and having a perfect angle of orientation towards the sun, warming our vines during the morning hours and giving our vineyards a "jump start" early in the day. Our estate vineyards also benefit from cooling afternoon breezes which funnel into the southern end of Dry Creek Valley from the Sonoma Coast. The early heat encourages optimal ripening and the coolness later in the day helps retain more of the grapes’ fresh fruit qualities and higher natural acidity.

Our winery practices utilize both cutting edge technology and traditional winemaking techniques. Our winemaker balances the art of winemaking with science, as he combines time-tested European practices with progressive technical developments from sources worldwide.

Our viticulture techniques utilize proven, ‘Balanced and Sustainable’ viticulture practices, which include vast additions of organically composted materials and the planting of nitrogen fixing cover crops. We are currently planting additional acreage on our estate using a diverse selection of Zinfandel and red ‘Bordeaux’ varietal clones to build wine complexity in the vineyard.

Pezzi King Vineyards is family owned and operated. The name represents the blending of two important family names and honors the mothers of Jim and Jane Rowe, the owners of Pezzi King Vineyards. The Rowe family operates Pezzi King Vineyards with the same integrity and pride that characterized preceding generations. Pezzi King Vineyards’ goal is to produce world class wines from low yielding vineyards, which focus on flavor intensity without sacrificing style, finesse and balance.Quality, not quantity, will always be Pezzi Kings ultimate objective.

Pezzi-King Vineyards / 3225 W Dry Creek Road / Healdsburg, CA / 707-433-8785

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