He was a handsome young Frenchman, passionate about wine. She was Dutch; charming, and with impeccable taste. In 1811, young Pierre Nicolas-Marie Perrier and his wife Adèle Jouët, decided to found their firm, or "House" in the heart of France's Champagne region, a lovely hamlet called Épernay. Pierre Nicolas-Marie's family had been in the wine business for several generations, supplying corks to many "marques" or brands of Champagne. Through his work, he learned to appreciate great Champagne and the rare vineyards that produce it. In 1813, the couple purchased the premises in which Champagne Perrier-Jouët is still made today. Their Champagne's popularity in France soon spread through Europe. In 1815, the first shipments went to Great Britain. By 1837, straw-filled baskets carrying a precious cargo of 2,000 bottles of Champagne Perrier-Jouët arrived in New York.

Introducing Chardonnay Champagne

The partnership of Pierre Nicolas-Marie and Adèle flourished in the vineyards and caves of Épernay — as did their love (hard not to be romantic surrounded by Champagne!) Their success can be traced to their appreciation of Avize and Cramant vineyards. They were the first to recognize the special virtues that fine Chardonnay grapes bring to the assemblage, and purchased some of Cramant's best vineyard slopes. These slopes are still producing great grapes and fantastic wine nearly 200 years later.

The love story of Pierre Nicolas-Marie and Adèle ended with his death in 1854. Their son Charles Perrier was a visionary and an innovator who continued his parent's quest. Charles had no children, and passed on the firm to his nephew Henri Gallice.

The legacy of love is the Champagne of Romance
Pierre Nicolas-Marie and Adèle Jouët formed a remarkable partnership — joined not only by love for each other, but for the vineyards of Champagne and for the wine that has been likened to stars in a bottle. Six generations of their family have guided the winery into yet another century. The Flower Bottle and the Maison Belle Époque recall a glorious age not so long ago. To pour a flute of Perrier-Jouët Fleur de Champagne, is to pour a glass of style, history and, above all, romance.

Champagne Perrier-Jouët / 26 avenue de Champagne / 51200 Epernay / France

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