Inspired by Ancient Myth
Our winery is named in honor of Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. According to legend, the birth of both wine and art occurred when Pegasus' hooves unleashed the sacred Spring of the Muses. Water flowing from the spring gave new life to the vines, inspiring the gift of poetry in those who drank of the wine.

The Clos Pegase label proudly features Pegasus painted circa 1890 by the French artist Redon. This painting is winery owner Jan Shrem's favorite work of art from his extensive private collection.

A Temple To Fine Wine
Clos Pegase, completed in 1987, was designed by renowned Princeton architect Michael Graves. He was commissioned to build a "temple to wine" on a 47 acre Calistoga vineyard, plus the owner's family home on a magnificent knoll rising up directly behind the focal point winery. Both of these spectacular structures have won international awards and generated great excitement among wine, art, and architectural circles.

The Soul of the Vineyard. the Mystery of the Cave
The true birth of fine wine occurs in the vineyard. Here, quality is never sacrificed in pursuit of larger yields. This explains our vigilant attention to viticultural practices which achieve an ideal balance between vigor and fruit load. Our 450 acres of estate vineyards include: Home Ranch, 47 acres adjacent to the winery; The Palisades, 42acres of ruggedly austere "horizontal hillside" at the base of Napa's Mt. St. Helena; and Mitsuko's Vineyard, 365 acres in cool Cameros.

Deep in the rock knoll beyond Clos Pegase lie 20,000 square feet of aging caves. Within this dark and mysterious womb, our young wines are cradled in the finest small French oak cooperage, preparing to emerge as mature and sophisticated wines. Visitors to our winery may have the opportunity to enter our winery's fabulous Cave Theater, a dramatic setting for many memorable events.

Fine Wine: The Classical Ideal
The classic symmetry of our winery also serves as a visual statement about the perfect balance of our wines. California wine making today still tends toward Baroque excess -- overly ripe fruit, heavy handed malolactic, and too much oak. In contrast, our eloquent wines are defined by the classic style of true varietal intensity with balanced tannins and acids--always the hallmark of Clos Pegase's four superlative estate wines: Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and artist reserve "Homage."

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