Pahlmeyer Red Table Wine is comprised of the five classic Bordeaux varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec. Each of these is harvested separately and held apart throughout its fermentation and aging periods.

Outstanding wine can be obtained only from outstanding grapes. Pahlmeyer wine grapes are exclusively estate grown in the Napa Valley's Coombsville area. Situated as far south as the cool Carneros District, this vineyard offers tile advantages of ideal soil and climate for these vines.

The vineyard is laid out on terraced hillsides at the 500 foot elevation. The distinctive elements of close vine spacing, new and different clones and rootstock, the climate and elevation all meld into a unique viticultural foundation for exceptional wine.

Randy Dunn and Helen Turley, the wine makers, direct the wine making along a traditional path. Following fermentation, each wine is racked into select French Nevers oak barrels. The richness and firm structure of these wines are then enhanced by approximately two and a half years of aging.

Prior to bottling, a final "assemblage" is performed to produce the ideal combination of the individual varietals. The newly bottled unfiltered wine is then allowed to settle and age for an additional six months before its release.

The 1986 and 1987 Red Table Wine exemplifies the classic Bordeaux character with tile richness of California fruit. The highly regarded 1988 offers more subtlety and complexity With balance and depth. The 1989 vintage is similar to that of 1986, tasting very much like a traditional Bordeaux from the Paulliac.

The 1990 Red Table Wine combines stylish flavor nuances with layers of fruit. For 1991, the wine is intense and powerful, benefiting from an unusually long, cool growing season. The latest vintage, 1992 was crafted by Helen Turley who joined the Pahlmeyer team in 1993. Helen's talent and artistry of maximizing fruit and taming tannins shines in the 1992 Pahlmeyer Red Table Wine.

Each vintage is woven with the common threads of the unique blend of five classic Bordeaux varietals, the ideal microclimate of the vineyard, the wine making expertise and experience of Helen Turley, Randy Dunn, and Jayson Pal1lmeyer.

Established in 1980, the winery has produced consistently rich vintages of Red Table Wines all noted for their complexity and longevity. In exceptional vintage years, Pahlmeyer also releases small quantities of Chardonnay and 100% varietal Merlot.

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