"Wine is sure proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" -- Benjamin Franklin

So down through the ages there's been wine.
And beginning in 1982 there's been Morgan.
A small winery.
A family winery.
A winery that can do what it wants.
Because we're the masters of our own destiny.
So how do we approach winemaking?
Very personally.
Our priority is quality. As for getting there, simple. We just search for the best vineyard sources. We're not tied to any one region, rather we like to pick and choose throughout Monterey County and Northern California. Then, it's a matter of what we think are the best barrels (generally, we like French oak), the best fermentation process and an attention to detail that is, we admit, obsessive.
Philosophically, we believe in letting the grapes express themselves. We don't alter our wines to one particular taste. You could say we're like very attentive parents whose only vision for our wines is that they be fantastic.
Finally, while we like the idea of consistency, we don't promise that from releases to new releases. For the fact of the matter is, we keep trying to improve. That's the fun of this business for us: not giving you a wine that get better as it ages -- but discovering that our abilty to make wine gets better as we age.

Morgan Winery is the shared vision of owners Dan and Donna Lee. It was established in 1982 with the goal of producing rich, complex wines with varietal fruit as their focus. Attention to detail, personal involvement and a dedication to the highest standards from vine to glass are the foundation of Morgan's high quality wines. Morgan's award winning wines include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel. We invite you to call us for more information.

Morgan Winery Inc. / 526 Brunken Avenue / Salinas, CA  93901 / 408-751-7777

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