Long ago, and it seems in a time gone by, Tracey and John Skupny thought it would be a unique idea to make the absolutely yummiest 100% Cabernet Franc wine from only the best 100% Napa Valley grapes.

At least this idea was generally unique in all of California. Elsewhere in the world however, Cabernet Franc had already been king for centuries. In the Loire Valley for instance Cabernet Franc, also known as Breton, was THE red grape variety, but now that is getting on to a whole other story.

It was in 1993 that they dreamed this whole Franc thing up and after all this time, two wines come forth to tell the tale.

One, simply called Lang & Reed by those close at hand, has such a yummy, juicy personality it is deliciously ‘quaffable’. And yet that same friendly nature belies its gently veiled complexity.

The other wine known as Premier Etage tells the tale of just how much stuffing Cabernet Franc can have: heady, aromatic and gracious as ever.

These two Francs make gallant partners and together they revel in the unfolding tale of Lang & Reed.

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