The primary owners of La Jota Vineyard Co. are Joan and Bill Smith. Joan handles the Marketing and Bill is the wine maker. We began planting our 28 acre vineyard in 1976 and made our first commercial wine in 1982. We are located in the Howell Mountain Appellation of Napa Valley in the hills East of St. Helena, and produce 2500 to 3000 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon, approximately 700 cases of Viognier and approximately 350 cases of Cabernet Franc.

All grapes used by us in making our wine are from our 28 acres of vineyard. 3 acres are planted to Viognier, 5 acres are planted to Cabernet Franc, 1 acre is planted to Merlot and the remaining 19 acres are planted to Cabernet Sauvignon. Our wines are collared in an old stone winery built in 1898 and are released approximately 32 months after the harvest.They are aged in 60 gallon oak barrels from the Never and Allier Forests of France for between 22 to 24 months, then bottled and stored in the warehouse for 8 months before being released.

Weatherwise, our part of Howell Mountain is within a mid to high region, as Classified by the University of California at Davis and our soils are Volcanic Ash, or "Tufa", with sufficient iron content to color them a bright brownish red.

La Jota Vineyards Co. / 1102 Las Posades Road / Angwin, CA  94508 / 707-965-3020

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