Quality Is In The Vineyard

Barbaresco, on the Langhe's hills, in an ancient farm of the last century, has its seat as "La Ca' Nova's Cellar".

Here men and land have both followed the ups and downs of history and now find themselves come together in a unique path.

Pietro, Giulio and Franco Rocca, the farm's owners, personally manages the vineyards which surround the farm on the hills. Vine gardens of Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo offer their best quality, due to the temperate climate of the Langhe and the soil's unique characteristics.

Their enthusiasm and work is focused entirely on the vineyards, which cover an area of 13 hectares. Their care and respect for the environment and the ecosystem in which they operate, follow each growing phase of the grapes. The quanty is kept under rigorous control, to ensure a very high quality product. Elegant wines with strong character are the result of such care.

At Barbaresco, on the hill overlooking the little village, a big yard between the houses welcomes visitors and friends coming from afar.

Here you will find a warm atmosphere, the simplicity and the friendliness of the people, together with the peace of the countryside all around.

La Ca' Nova di Rocca F.LLI / Via Casa Nuova / 1 - 12050 Barbaresco CN / (0173) 635123

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