What Makes Girard Unique

Unusual Clones
Girard has the only known planting of McCord clone Chardonnay, an unusual clone producing distinctive wines that have an interesting Asian spice characteristic. Because of this, Girard Chardonnays do not taste like any other Chardonnays, they are distinctive.

All Estate Grown Grapes
Girard owns its own vineyards, always has, always will. This provides consistency and control of quality- year after year.

Low Tonnage
Yields at Girard are typically 40% lower than Napa Valley average yields due to Girard's dry, old, rocky soil and minimal irrigation. This gives the wines a greater concentration of fruit.

No Growth for Quality Reasons
How many wineries can say they haven't grown in sixteen years? Small wineries have an incredible advantage over the medium size wineries when it comes to fine wine making. Most wineries do half their Chardonnay fermentation in tank- that's the messy, volatile stage. Then they go to barrels for the easy part and call it barrel fermented. We ferment FULL TERM in barrels. It's messier and more expensive but it's the only way we can produce exceptional, CREAMY Chardonnay.

Old Vines
Unlike most vineyards which have been wiped out by phylloxera within the last few years, we never liked AXR-l root stock and only planted root stock resistant to Phylloxera. So we continue to make graceful, mature, extractive wines from older vines- old vines have always made the most extraordinary wines.

Passion a Key Ingredient
Wines adopt the passion of their maker. If the maker has passion for living then the wines will have life, they will talk to you. Girard wines have soul because Steve has a great passion for living and an even greater passion for making unique wines.

The Girard's are Pros
Sixteen years making wine, twenty-one years growing grapes- and every year we get better!

Career Vintner
Steve is not someone who woke up one morning and wanted to make wine, Steve loved wine from when his father gave him his first wine at age seven. He bought his first wine at auction when he was seventeen.

Excellent Value for Quality Rating
Girard was rated in the top 18 wineries in the US by Robert Parker, yet priced in the top 250.

Girard Winery / P.O. Box 105 / Oakville, California  94562 / 707-944-8577
On the Silverado Trail at the Oakville Crossroad

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