Bill Frick and Judith Gannon started the FRICK Winery in 1976 with proceeds from the sale of their 1957 Chevy. They have since established beautiful hillside vineyards on slopes overlooking the Dry Creek Valley and have successfully produced scores of delicious, full bodied award winning wines.
Now the focus is on their unique highland corner of Sonoma County's Dry Creek Valley. Here, wines from the syrah, viognier, cinsaut and merlot grapes mature to a rich ripe perfection. Frick winery produces Syrah, Viognier, Cinsaut and Merlot. All Frick wines are Dry Creek Valley Appellation.

Standing on the quiet grounds at Frick Winery, you can look out at a large section of the Dry Creek Valley. Hawks, vultures, ducks and herons often soar overhead. The winery is located on a dead end road and nature is not shy. Coyote, fox, deer, wild pig, turkey, porcupine and bobcats abound in the area.

The winery and vineyard are hidden in the hills above the Dry Creek Valley Grapevines run up and down the steep hills and are dependent upon the care of their farmer, they have a hard time surviving. These are dry hillsides. The soil type called Dry Creek Conglomerate is a mixture of polished rocks, gravel, sands, and clay that was a prehistoric volcanic sediment. The 40+ inches per year of rainfall drains quickly from the slopes. The vines struggle and the wines are very, very good.

The vines are naturally stressed and produce a grape with concentration and many complex flavors and aromas. Frick wines are bold, medium to full bodied. Bill Frick works hard to produce complex table wines that are described by critics as "attractive, generously endowed, concentrated, harmonious, well integrated, balanced, delicious, excellent, full blown, complex and lingering". To Bill, it's the grape, and that's the magnificent essence that comes through in every bottle.
Frick Wines are individually crafted by hand to be unique and delicious.

The Frick Winery estate covers a mere 5 1/2 acres. The winery crushes, ferments and bottles only 2000 cases a year, so a great deal of attention and hand care goes into every delicious bottle of wine with the Frick Label.

"This is a splendid small estate which is establishing a solid reputation."

Frick Winery / 23072 Walling Rd. / Geyserville, CA 95441 / 415-776-7331

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