Fontanin Farmhouse is situated in the center of the Barolo area. The farmhouse has provided for six generations: 180 years of wine producing tradition, led with great passion and responsibility by hardworking men with simple means. Now, Ettore and his daughter Livia together lead this farm, from the work in the vineyards to the wine production. Naturally, there are a lot of difficulties, yet the biggest satisfaction for Ettore and Livia is to host visitors in their farmhouse, as well as to propose to their clients great quality and experience.

The great Barolo comes of a noble and historical lineage. Its appreciation began at the start of the nineteenth century thanks to the Piemontese nobility-marchesa Falletti Cavour, the house of Savoy. Over time the image and reality consolidated. The latter has deep links with the Nebbiolo vine, cultivated in hill country in eleven Langa communes. Our Barolo ages in wooden casks for 3-6 years. It is a complex and austere wine with brick tonality. It has aromatic tones of scent which recall white truffle, dry mushroom, liquorice, small fruit and the withered rose. The taste is full and decisive, justly tannic, suitable for long conservation and worthy of the finest dishes.

Dolcetto is the "everyday" wine, the "wine of friendship", faithful companion to the working day, authentic expression of Langhe simplicity. It is the most widespread vine in the Langhe. Its cultivation extends over a vast area of hills which range from low to high Langhe. Despite its wide area, it is not easy to grow. It needs suitables soil, careful cultivation, attentive production control and particularly favoralble climatic conditions especially near harvest time.

The wine is rustic and in color is ruby-red with violet strains, with vinous and fragrant scent in which can be recognized cherry and plum. It is decisively dry with moderate acidity.

Cascina Fontanin / Barolo / Piedmont / Italia

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