To fully understand what we are today, it is necessary to look to our ancestors. In 1925, our grandfather Amadio was the pioneer of the farm. It was he who first planted vines and made wine from his own grapes and produced a good quality wine. At this time he used to sell his wine to the best taverns in cities such as: Verona, Vicenza and Padova, transporting it in small barrels on a horse-drawn cart.

Our father Gino, and his brother Gigi, built on their father’s experience building the reputation of our wine in other regions of Italy and abroad. Together, with the work of Amadio-Franco in 1966 and Natalino in 1971, this has been the foundation from which we have been able to grow.

Our first foray into organic cultivation came in 1980 and since 1984 all of our vineyards have become organic. In 1990 they were A.I.A.B approved. The vineyards are situated in the lower Illasi valley in the localities of San Zeno di Colognola ai Colli and Illasi. The areas are traditionally very suitable for vine-growing both because of the nature of the land (partly clay and partly a mix of stones and sand) and for the favourable microclimate: the wide and sunny valley, protected from the north by the Lessini mountains. We have ensured over time that our wines reflect both regional and varietal characteristics in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Azienda Agricola Fasoli Gino / 37030 San Zeno di Colognola ai Colli (VR) / via C. Battisti, 47, Italy / Ph.-Fax 0039/045/765.07.41

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