The FALESCO winery, one of the fastest-growing of Italy, represents along with its products a new kind of wine culture in this region. The winery belongs to two brothers, Riccardo and Renzo Cotarello, and is located in Montefiascone, on the shores of the Lake of Bolsena. However, a large part of the vineyards lies in the region of Umbria and this is why some consider FALESCO among the leading wineries of Latium, others of Umbria.

The two brothers are well known to the Italian wine set: Riccardo, the elder, is a brilliant oenologist and works as wine consultant for dozens of wineries in central and southern Italy. Renzo, the younger of the Cotarello brothers, is "wine-maker" as well as technical manager at Antinori's and successor of legendary Giacomo Tachis. They are both to be credited for the top-quality wines of Azienda Falesco.

The Cotarellos bought a vineyard in Monfiascone with the purpose of producing a good Est!Est!!Est!!! and sell it in tanks to big traders. However, in the long run this did not satisfy them and after years as suppliers they decided to bottle their wine themselves.

Today, the business owns more than 50 hectares of vineyards and in order to satisfy the great demand grapes from approximately 150 wine growers are bought additionally.

Falesco, though, has not become so well-known thanks to their white wines, but rather through their reds and especially due to their excellent Vitiano and the fabulous pure-stock Merlot Montiano. The winery makes a very good impression with all its wines: Falesco's white wines – Est!Est!!Est!!! in various qualities – display a very clear fruity note. The Vitiano is renowned Montiano's "little brother". This extremely pleasant wine with an excellent "price-pleasure-rate" is obtained from Merlot, Cabernet and Sangiovese. The Cotarello brothers define it "a superior everyday wine".

Falesco / Umbria, Italy

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