Domaine Tempier, located at Le Plan du Castellet, lies in the heart of the Bandol vineyard boundaries. Its vineyards stretch over three different communities- Le Castellet, Le Beausset, and La Cadière. The plots of land are far apart and the soils of these different areas yield distinctive cuvées -Spéciale, Migoua, Tourtine and Cabassaou - as well as interesting and complex blends for white, rosé and red wines.

Domaine Tempier, owned by the Payraud family since 1834, has developed the best reputation and its wines are the most sought after. This winery, having a substantial percentage of its acreage under old vines, produces Bandols at their best. As such, Tempier wines are the benchmark against which all other Bandols are judged. As a bonus to wine lovers, these wines are generally more approachable at an earlier age than other wines from the region.

Domaine Tempier / Le Plan du Castellet / 83330 Castellet / France / Ph. 04 94 98 70 21 / Fax. 04 94 90 21 65

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