David Stare's pioneering vision launched a new era of premium wine production in the Dry Creek Valley. Inspired by travels throughout the traditional wine regions of France and Germany, Dave's focus was ever on quality. The Sonoma County Farm Advisor recommended planting Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer. When Stare inquired about Sauvignon Blanc, he was told it was not a good variety for the area. Ignoring the advice, Stare planted Sauvignon Blanc near his new winery site. From the very first vintage, his "new style" wines from the Dry Creek Valley were undeniably sensational.

Dry Creek Vineyard's leadership role in the Dry Creek Valley is underscored by a number of significant achievements:

  1. Sonoma County's first Fumé Blanc was produced at Dry Creek Vineyard.
  2. Dry Creek Vineyard ranks among California's early champions of Bordeaux blending.
  3. Regional appellation status originated at Dry Creek Vineyard.

Small batch winemaking allows us to bring out the very best from each lot of fruit. Because individual-lot winemaking promotes increased knowledge about how to manage each vineyard while offering maximum blending options and enhanced quality control, Dry Creek Vineyard insists on crafting each lot of wine separately.

Other producers our size opt for the efficiencies of large-batch winemaking. But not Dry Creek Vineyard, where:

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