Long before most Port shippers owned any vineyards, Dow’s purchased Quinta do Zimbro in 1887, Senhora da Ribiera in 1890 and Bomfim in 1896. Dow’s pioneered the era of modern wine making in the Douro. The Bomfim winery was built in 1964 and was one of the first in the region to have total temperature control. At Senhora da Ribiera, Dow’s continues to make all the Quinta’s wine by traditional foot treading in large granite lagares (square open tanks that are about 12 feet wide and about 3 feet deep). Dow’s wineries receive more A and B quality (the finest classifications) than any other wineries in the Douro and Dow’s is the largest buyer of premium grapes in the Douro. This unique position is a key factor in the outstanding quality of Dow’s Ports. The style of Dow’s Ports is more structured and less sweet than most other leading Port houses. This classic dryness is the hallmark of Dow’s and particularly with Vintage Port, shows outstanding style with maturity.

Dow's Port Wines / Oporto, Portugal

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