The estate of Disznókö
Classified "first growth" in the 17th century, the 130 hectares of Disznókö are situated at the tip of the V-shaped Tokaj region. It has been the property of famous Hungarian families, most notably that of Melchior de Lonay who built the 18th century "Yellow House of Wine" (Sarga Borhaz). This beautiful house of a pure classical style is now a well known "auberge". Since 1992 Disznókö has restarted the tradition of the fine wines of Tokaj : dry Furmint, Szamorodni and famous Aszus, under new ownership after privatization. The vines have been replanted and underground cellars have been built linking traditional methods with modern ones.

Tokaj : the land where sweet wines originated
Tokaj vines have been producing unusual and sumptuous wines ever since they were planted under the orders of the Roman Emperor Probus, in the year 290. They were consumed at the very best tables of European kings and princes in the 17th and 18th Centuries. This wine "of sugar and fire with the color and price of gold", was often celebrated by the Hungarian poets and writers. It was the pride of Hungary, even mentioned in the National Anthem. Sheltered by the "Carpates", along the border of Slovakia and the Ukraine, this small wine region benefits from unique geological and climatic conditions. The volcanic soil and the special microclimate, where humidity follows warmth, just before the harvest, combine to install "noble rot" and over-maturation in the grapes. This naturally concentrates the aromas and the sugars allowing the development of an exceptional wine.

Tokaj Renaissance

They are united by a single passion : to restore the noble image of one of the most prestigious wines in the world. This goal resulted in the creation, in March 1995, of the Classified Vineyards of Tokaj, which includes the main estates in the Tokaj region of Hungary. Christened "Tokaj Renaissance", this association's ambition is to restore the reputation of the world's oldest wine appellation and to promote these great white wines that enchanted all the courts of Europe in times past. Tokaj : the "Wine of Kings and the King of Wines".

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