Dr. Bruce had one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. He was exposed to one of the world's greatest red wines, Pinot Noir, the noble red grape of Burgundy. From that moment, he was a changed man. He solemnly committed himself to make the world's greatest Pinot Noir. This commitment came from a man who was raised in a strict teetotaler family.

He chose the Santa Cruz Mountains to plant his Pinot Noir vineyards because of its elevation (above 2000 feet) and because of the cooler winds from the Monterey Bay, conditions Pinot Noir loves. The Santa Cruz Mountain terrain is easily one of the most rugged viticultural areas in America, if not the world. The dangerously knife sharp edges, near vertical fall offs and jutting peaks give an astonishing view of the Monterey Bay and Pacific Ocean.

With all the right conditions, the making of good Pinot Noir is no easy task. It is a very finicky grape. However, it only took Dr. Bruce sixteen years to solve its primary problems. He was roundly criticized for his early efforts on more than one occasion. Many people told him, the great Pinot Noir can't be made in California! This was during a time California was starting to be recognized by the world for its Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons. One may remember the fabled Paris Wine Tasting where California Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons bested the best of France. Pinot Noir, the greatest wine grape of them all, remained thoroughly shrouded in the background.

Now all that is passed. Starting in 1989, Dr. Bruce has produced a string of highly successful Pinot Noirs. The 1990 Estate Pinot Noir won the grand taste-off at the Vintner's Club in San Francisco. This is no easy feat. Dr. Bruce described this as the "high point in [his] career". And he hasn't stopped there. His most recent wines have garnered two pages of special awards and gold medals alone.

In his own mind though, he has still to make the world's finest Pinot Noir. The wine of his dream is as yet to be made. But his dream has been recognized as possible and perhaps by some already achieved.

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