Crocker & Starr Wines is a partnership between a historic vineyard site and a winemaker focused on producing distinctive wines of this unique place. In 1997, Pam Starr created this partnership to capture the essence of terroir in her wines – the soil and environment in which the fruit ripens.

The Crocker Vineyard, where grapes have been grown since the 1870’s, is located on the south side of St. Helena, bordered by Mills and Dowdell lanes. The most celebrated Bordeaux varieties - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc are grown in varying soils that gradually change as the terrain gently slopes towards the Napa River. So far, 9 acres have been successfully replanted using a variety of rootstocks and clonal selections that best match the soil.

The eighteenth century stone winery named “Stone Place” borders the Crocker Vineyard where these classic grape varieties are grown. Paying homage to the “Estate” concept, Pam Starr brings forth the personality of the vineyard with her winemaking signature. The result is best of vineyard and vintage captured in this complex, concentrated, and elegant blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Is one of the most celebrated varieties in St. Emilion, Pomerol, and Bordeaux in general. The intoxicating spicy and floral aromas of this variety have played a major supporting role in many famous blends. Recently, Cabernet Franc has been discovered as a wine worthy to stand on its own. This variety’s exotic aromas and bright, distinctive flavors make this wine a great companion to a diverse group of culinary flavors.

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