Columbia Crest Winery is one of the great success stories of American winemaking. In less than ten years, Columbia Crest has risen to be not only the largest single winery in Washington, but one of the best selling premium wineries in America. Its wines are consistently recognized in leading wine publications for their quality and value.

The uniqueness of Columbia Crest's success lies in its geographic advantage and winemaker Doug Gore's ability to make approachable wines with a true expression of Northwest grapes. The Columbia Crest story is written north of the 46th parallel, in the sun-drenched farm country of eastern Washington state, where the winery sits surrounded by 2,000 of some of the finest winegrape-growing acres in the world. Fast-draining, volcanic soils, combined with the long, sunny days and brisk nights of summer, provide an environment uniquely suited to making great wines, reliably, year after year.

Great winemaking is a mix of art and technology. That's why the Columbia Crest winery, built in 1983, provides the latest in crushing and fermentation equipment, along with over 20,000 small oak barrels aging wine in a unique underground cellar, to enhance winemaker Doug Gore's skill in blending. The resulting wines speak for themselves, with elegance and complexity, immediate appeal, and the ability to partner with all kinds of foods.

Columbia Crest winemaker, Doug Gore, selects grapes with outstanding balance, Fruit intensity or other special qualities for the Barrel Select wines. Crafted in small lots, treated to more new oak and longer barrel aging, the wines are elegant and complex.

Columbia Crest Winery / P.O. Box 231 / Paterson WA 99345

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