A grand cru in the city. It was in the Graves appellation area closest to Bordeaux, the vineyard without the walls, that Jean de Pontac constituted, by the year 1525, the winegrowing estate of château Haut-Brion and in 1550 had built the north wing of the present-day château. His descendants through the 17th and 18th centuries, by dint of patient technological research, managed to produce a new type of wine which became the original of all the great Bordeaux wines.

These efforts allowed Arnaud de Pontac, as early as 1660, to identify and personalize his production. Already at this time the wines of Pontac, then of Haut-Brion, had met immense success in London. The first of the Bordeaux grand crus was born. Very quickly it was followed by a number of other famous estates. First to come into existence, Haut-Brion managed to maintain its pre-eminence right throughout its history which is closely linked with that of Bordeaux and of France.

For more than four centuries, the proprietors and managers of Haut-Brion have been obsessed by the idea of improving quality. First, growth cannot allow itself to fall behind technically, nor to make any mistakes. Raised to the top rank, it must remain there. In the 1960s, Haut-Brion was the first of the great growths to innovate new fermentation vats, just as today it is the first to improve the grape-varieties it uses by dint of patient and laborious personal clonal selections. Classified to first growth of the Gironde in 1855, Château Haut-Brion was also ranked first in 1973, in spite of the fact that this classification only concerned Médoc growths and Haut-Brion is situated in Graves. The minutes of the 1973 classification meeting follow: The jury has deliberated on the situation concerning château Haut-Brion, assimilated by very ancient tradition with the first growths in Médoc. Taking into account these traditions, customs and usages on the one hand, and the same eminent qualities this growth continues to show on the other, it has been considered necessary to include it, by assimilation, among the classified first growths of Médoc.

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