It was 14 years ago that the 26 year old Michel assumed the role of wine maker which, overnight heralded a paradigm shift in the philosophy and direction which the company would adopt to revitalise the fortunes of the winery.

A man of dynamic energy, fuelled by an unbridled enthusiasm and an obsessive commitment to quality Michels' goal was; as it still is "Authenticity". A visonary, with no frontiers or prejudice, he focuses on respecting the intrinsic value of the legendary soils which fashion the slopes throughout the rhone valley and recognises the signification and the true meaning of the term AOC.

Michels' perception of quality, utilising the best of his grandfather's traditional techniques, has left an indelible stamp on vineyard management and winemaking at Chapoutier and his relentless study of the world around him leads to the discovery of the finest materials, the best practices and the people with whom he can share these standards.

Whether in Banyuls, Roussillon, the Coteaux d'Aix or Australia, Michels' conspicuous efforts to raise the level of quality have driven him to undertake extensive geological research in order to fully understand and exploit the exceptional properties of these legendary terroirs.

"Great wines are made in the vineyards and not in the cellar. Indeed, we ought to go back to the earth, let the soil dictate. The wine maker must subordinate himself to the total terroir of his vineyard and let nature make the wine" explains Michel.

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