CHALK HILL is a ruggedly beautiful, twelve hundred acre wine estate dedicated to producing distinctive wines of elegance and power. Here artisans of the vineyard and cellar collaborate to hand-craft wines that reflect the vibrant and diverse character of the Chalk Hill Estate. Chalk Hill, the appellation, is one of ten in Sonoma County—a region of fine wine, remarkable beauty and agricultural abundance. Unique biospheres distinguish Chalk Hill from the neighboring appellations—the cooler Russian River Valley to the west and the warmer Alexander Valley to the northeast. Elevations at Chalk Hill are higher; soil fertility is lower. In amazing proximity, the soils range from shallow to deep, from thin to thick, from gravel and rock to heavy clay. An old river bed caps one hill; an unusual serpentine vein ranges through another. And under the topsoil is a distinctive layer of chalk-colored volcanic ash which inspired the name of Chalk Hill, the appellation and the estate.
This unwavering respect for the land extends faithfully into Chalk Hill’s cellar where winemaking focuses on the distinctive character of the grapes from the estate’s 60 individual vineyard sites. Blending Burgundian traditions with creativity, the winemaker consistently upholds the highest global winemaking standards to translate the concentrated, complex flavors from the Chalk Hill vineyards into rich and delicate wines.

Chalk Hill Winery / 10300 Chalk Hill Road / Healdsburg, Sonoma County, CA  95448 / (800) 838-4306

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