This is the birthplace of the great Barolo, a wine that in Italy for many years was cast in the role of King, and in maintaining its regal bearing, was, in the years past, saved in the Italian household for "special occasions".

In these hills of the Serralunga lies the famed estate of Cascina Bruni, owned by the renowned winemaker Giuseppe Veglio. From his select vineyard "Vigna Batistot" he has produced the greatest of the Barolo "crus". The production of this select vineyard is only about 2000 bottles per year. Giuseppe Veglio is truly an artist in winemaking and vinification. The fermentation of his grapes is conducted under controlled temperatures in stainless steel vats and the amount of time in contact with the skins has been shortened to less than a month. This method manages to maintain the size and structure of the wine while showing better harmony of bouquet and flavor. The wine is then further aged in oak casks for a minimum of two years. Barolo could never be common, and with the skilled craftsmanship and artistery of Giuseppe and his two sons, Fulvio and Cristiano, Cascina Bruni Barolo truly ranks as KING.

Azienda Agricola Cascina Bruni di Veglio Giuseppe / Via Alba N. 6 / 12050 Serralunga (CN), Italia / ++ 39 0173 61.32.08

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