A pair of red-tailed hawks hover in the thermal plume rising from the cliffs below the Feather Vineyard. In winter, you hear the muted roar of three creeks cascading down the canyons from the ridges above. Fog nestles like ocean foam over the bay and valleys, making islands of the landmark peaks of Diablo and Tamalpais. Volcanic ash, lava, and basaltic boulders attest to the past titanic forces of tectonic plates in collision. Oaks, madrones, redwoods, maples, pines, manzanita and laurel emerge from the rock as testaments to the miraculous triumph of life over the molten imperatives of geology.

In these rugged extremes of nature, we perceive beauty and find meaning. For centuries men and women have been drawn to this exquisite but practically impenetrable mountainside. The indigenous Indians drank from the year-round springs and hunted the wild game. The early Europeans came to seek out the pockets of soil where they might plant the vines from which they hoped to capture in wine some of the tastes and smells, some of the wonder of this unique place.

The vineyards and winery of Carmenet are literally carved into the volcanic stone of the mountain - we are here for the long term. A site such as this does not yield its viticultural secrets easily. Many of our experiments will take generations to evaluate, and we expect to pass on to those succeeding generations our fiery desire to create great wine. A great wine is not a commodity. It must artistically communicate its context, its place and time. We are obsessed with the challenge of honestly expressing the most beautiful and unique aspects of a place in which we love to be. We hope that you will share in our love of this place called Carmenet and in our sense of adventure as we apply our skills each vintage to create for you a memorable sensory snapshot in a bottle of wine.

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