The rolling hills around Cambria Winery have all it takes to create wines of exceptional character. Well-drained soils, a cool, fog-laden climate, and gently sloping vineyards that face south toward the sun combine to create world class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

These ideal conditions, found here in Santa Barbara County's Santa Maria Valley, result in wine grapes that have been allowed to ripen slowly, developing a depth of flavor and complexity not found anywhere else. This intensity and balance is the measure of Cambria wines.

The History
The Cambria Vineyards sit on land originally inhabited by the Chumash Indians. In 1836, the Mexican Government granted more than 8,900 acres in the area to the Olivera family as "Rancho Tepusquet". The ranch was sold to the Ontiveros family in 1857 and held by various descendants until the development of the modern vineyards.
The name "Tepusquet" comes from the Chumash encampment at the base of the Tepusquet Canyon. The word has been translated as "painted or colored rocks" or "when the fish grabs the hook." 19th century English and Welsh settlers named the area "Cambria", a Roman word for Wales.
Modern vineyards were first planted in 1970. The Tepusquet Vineyards became a source of Chardonnay for Ridge, Kendall-Jackson, Acacia, ZD, Concannon, Beringer, Chateau Montelena and others. In 1987, Jess Jackson purchased the property and established Cambria Vineyards-- to ensure access to the quality grapes raised here. A new winery building was built in 1990, with a second barrel-aging facility added in 1995.

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