Bruno Giacosa's winery has been making wine for three generations, and Bruno Giacosa himself says that his success is due to his respect for traditional winemaking methods which he believes enhance the characteristics of Piedmont's varietals.
His property covers 37 acres of totally cultivated vines. The altitude of the estate, its ideal exposure (south, south-west), and the microclimate combine to create optimal winegrowing conditions.
Bruno Giacosa makes wine not only with grapes from his property but also with grapes purchased from growers he has known for 30 years and trusts completely. He, in fact, made his reputation as a outstanding selector of fruit.
The winemaking methods employed by this estate are scrupulous and traditional without ignoring the benefits of modern technique.
Bruno Giacosa, as referenced by Robert M. Parker, Jr., "... is a quiet and dignified winemaking genius in Neive ... the least promotion-conscious winemaker in Italy who prefers to let his wines do the talking for him."

Bruno Giacosa / Via XX / Settembre 52 / 12057 Nieve Cuneo, Italy / 39-173-67-027

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