Giacomo Borgogno & Figli can best be described as a jewel nestled in the heartland of the noble Barolo district. It’s historic cellars wind through the heart of the this small town, and its vineyards punctuate the very core of the classic growing area.

If Borgogno is a jewel, though, perhaps it is best to consider it a diamond in the rough. In an age when many producers have dramatically changed the style of Barolo to make it so modern as to be unrecognizable to its followers, this historic house steadfastly maintains the traditional style that made Barolo noble in the first place, while addressing today’s concerns for more forward fruit and clean wines.

Meticulous care in the vineyards and hygiene in the winery combine with traditional vinification methods to produce wines of outstanding character and exceptional balance.

Borgogno Giacomo & Figli S.a.s. / Via Gioberti, 1 - 12060 Barolo CN / Ph. (0173) 56108 / Fax 0173-56344

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