After 27 years, Michael Ouellette maintains his Restaurateur status and has a unique perspective into winemaking.

"I have tasted and served so many bottles of wine that I understand what Restauranteurs and their customers are looking for. My passion for food has always affected my winemaking decisions."

Philosophically, our aim is to continue to create wine like one would find in Spain, Italy, and France where they are matched with everyday foods. They are subtle, yet multi-layered and compliment every meal. Emphasis is placed on fruit and earth, rather than oak.

The name: Blockheadia is derived from the actual painting that is depicted on the label. Michael commissioned this artist to do work for his restaurant and then asked her to come up with a label for the wines back in 1993. Because we source all of our grapes and know that we use very specific "blocks" of vineyards to create our blends, we thought that the painting named Blockheadia was appropriate.

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