Planted between 1977 and 1979, Bethel Heights was one of the first vineyards in the Eola Hills, a chain of hills in the center of Oregon's Willamette Valley. The estate winery was established in 1984 and currently produces 10,000 cases of wine annually, most of which still comes from the 50 acre estate vineyard. Bethel Heights specializes in Pinot noir, but also produces Chardonnay, Pinot gris and Pinot blanc.

Since 1978 Bethel Heights has been owned and operated by a family consortium of five variously related partners: twin brothers Terry Casteel and Ted Casteel, Marilyn Webb (married to Terry), and sisters Pat Dudley (married to Ted) and Barbara Dudley. In the beginning before we made wine everyone worked in the vineyard. The establishment of the winery in 1984 ushered in a new division of labor which prevails to this day except during crush, when we revert to a more primitive state.

Half of the original planting, about 23 acres, was planted to Pinot noir. Several clones were included to enhance the complexity of the wines. An additional five acres of Pinot noir have been added since 1994, utilizing clones recently made available from Burgundy.

Bethel Heights Vineyard / 6060 NW Bethel Heights Road / Salem, OR  97304 / 503-581-2262

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