Weingut BERT SIMON, member of the V d P group, is located in the middle of the Saar area. It comprises appr. 19 hectares of finest vineyards in the following sites: Serrig, Würtzberg ( Saar), Serrig, Herrenberg ( Saar).

The vineyards are mainly planted with RIESLING vines. The wines produced in these 2 vineyards, situated on steep, slatey hills facing the River Saar, have gained a world-wide reputation for the great qualities they achieve almost every year. The position and micro-climate of these vineyards is one aspect which matters, the other is, no doubt, that Bert Simon is just a great cellar master. Many of his great wines need a number of years to reach maturity but they can age for 15- 20 years and longer without loosing their charm. Which other white wines in the world age so well and keep such a wonderful fruit??

The estate is owned and run by BERT SIMON himself who descends from an old wine grower family at Mertesdorf/Ruwer and who acquired the famous vineyards at Serrig in 1968 from the von Schorlemer family.

Bert Simon / Weingut Herrenberg / Römerstrasse 63 / D - 54455 Serrig - Saar / Ph. 0049-(0)6581-2208 / Fax 0049-(0)6581-2242

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