Bertani - The House Where Amarone Originated

Bertani is headquartered at the palatial neo-classical Villa Novare just north of Verona in Italy’s Veneto region. One of northeast Italy’s most prestigious wine producers, Bertani owns all its own vineyards from which it produces an array of estate-grown wines. Founded in 1857, this family-owned winery has enjoyed a reputation for quality from the start. Bertani Amarone is justly celebrated as a standard bearer for its category.

Bertani was founded by brothers Gaetano and Giovan Battista Bertani. Prosperous wine merchants who believed that quality winemaking held the key to the future, the Bertanis invested their funds in buying some of the finest vineyards in the province and making their own wines. Recognition and success followed swiftly as Bertani became one of the first Veronese producers to export its wines on a significant scale, with markets as far afield as England, Germany and North and South America. In 1889 it had captured a coveted gold medal from Verona's Academy of Agriculture, the first of many in the years that have followed.

In the early years Bertani spearheaded a campaign to underscore the potential of Verona's Valpolicella Valpantena wine district. The release of its Secco-Bertani Valpantena brand, still in production over 150 years later, is responsible for putting this DOC area on the map.

The late 1950s saw Bertani take center stage again, with the launch of a new-style Recioto della Valpolicella. Through the introduction of longer aging techniques, this traditionally sweet or sparkling red wine was dramatically transformed into the dry, opulent red we know today as Amarone, one of Italy's most revered red wines.

Recent years have been no less eventful. In 1986 an extraordinary cache of 1928 Recioto della Valpolicella Acinatico was discovered, bricked up behind the walls of a farmhouse on a Bertani estate where it had lain forgotten and undisturbed since the twilight years of World War II. Tastings by experts such as Burton Anderson confirm that the wine's quality remains intact. A superb vintage, as exceptional as it is rare, it is served exclusively at special tastings and events hosted by Bertani.

Bertani family members remain a presence at the firm to this day though operations are now largely coordinated by a hand-picked team of experts and consultants, led by director Dario Pastonesi and winemaker Paolo Grigolli. To maintain its extensive vineyards, Bertani engages the skills of some of Italy's most eminent viticulturalists. From its vineyards to its cellars to the magnificent Villa Bertani, Bertani offers a fascinating and memorable introduction to Veronese winemaking at its best, where progressive techniques and equipment are allied with extensive experience and a deeply felt respect for tradition.

Bertani / Località Novare 37020 Arbizzano di Negrar (VR) / Ph. 045 601 12 11 r.a. / Fax 045 601 12 22

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