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When the young German immigrant Jacob Beringer set off from New York to California in 1870, he was prospecting for treasure. It was not gold that glittered in his mind's eye, but the crystalline shine of fine wine. Born into the business, Jacob studied winemaking and barrel-making and then served as cellarmaster for a wine company in his hometown of Mainz. He followed his businessman brother Frederick to New York in 1868, but rumors of prime grape-growing land lured him to Napa Valley just 2 years later. Here, he found the soil types and climate he thought suitable for European varietals, hills for carving out even-temperature caves, and perhaps most important, a job -- as cellar foreman for Charles Krug. In partnership with Frederick, Jacob purchased the property in 1875, including the vineyard known today as St. Helena Home Vineyard -- a prime source of Cabernet Sauvignon for the Private Reserve -- and the Hudson House that now serves as Beringer's Culinary Arts Center.

Our Vineyards

With over 20 years experience growing wine grapes, Beringer vineyard manager, Bob Steinhauer, is one of the most knowledgeable vineyard managers in California. Today, he manages over 10,000 acres of Beringer Wine Estates vineyard land in the Napa Valley and Californiaís Central Coast. Bob explains that "owning our own vineyards allows us full control over the grape-growing process, from what varietal to plant and where to plant it, to farming practices and deciding when to harvest. We are constantly working with new clones, new rootstock and new varieties, but in the end, especially when itís time to pick the grapes, we always rely on our green thumbs and our instincts."

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