Vineyard Character.
We have developed extensive site-specific farming techniques in the belief that each appellation, vineyard, lot and even cluster is characterized by its own unique flavor quality, and that if we cultivate our vineyards with a respect for their terroir, those flavors will show themselves in the final wine. Each year we produce over 300 lots of grapes from more than 60 different growers from over 85 different ranches in over a dozen appellations. We keep each of these vineyard lots separate through the winemaking process so we can make sure to maximize each vineyard's own unique flavors. Also keeping things separate enable us to carefully audit the quality of wine coming from each section of each vineyard. Over the years small steady improvements and innovations have greatly increased the flavors and intensity from most of our vineyards. This is a huge and very difficult commitment, undertaken for the sole purpose of securing only those grapes that meet the winemaking criteria of diversity, intensity and complexity. In addition, we own three vineyards: two in Sonoma Valley and one in Oregon. Benziger Sonoma, Mountain Estate Vineyards, Sonoma Mountain, 85 acres - Site of the Winery. Benziger Sonoma Valley Estate Vineyards, Sonoma Valley - 20 acres Benziger Willamette. Valley Estate Vineyards, Willamette Valley, Oregon - 65 acres.

Family Passion.
"Each bottle of each vintage wine is a little one year time capsule of sun, wind, weather, dirt, time, and of the people like us who sweated over the vines and loved the grapes from the ground into the bottle." - Joaquin Corona, Vineyard Supervisor, translated from Spanish. To make great wine, passion is the ultimate ingredient. It is said in great wines you can taste the blood, sweat, and tears of the winemakers. At the core of Benziger winery are eight, same-generation family members committed to managing every aspect of our grape growing and winemaking endeavors. Beyond that we have an extended family of growers and vineyard managers who, through years of partnering, have developed the kind of passion for Benziger wines that only a family member could.

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