When he founded BV in 1900, on an unimproved four-acre lot in the tiny town of Rutherford, Georges de Latour had a single vision: to bring world-class wine to America. As it turned out, he not only made better wine - he revolutionized the whole process. He and master winemaker Andre Tchelistcheff pioneered the aging of wine in small oak barrels. When the French oak they used became unavailable during World War II, they collaborated with local coopers to craft American oak barrels, which could accommodate the special needs of wine aging. Nowadays, head winemaker Joel Aiken is the man leading the charge, taking BV in new directions, while staying true to the high standards of his predecessors. Joel possesses an innovative spirit and an impressive expertise in oak aging.

The year 2000 not only marks the Millennium, but the turn of the Century as well. For BV, this 100 year passage is a momentous and historic occasion. Founded in 1900, BV is one of the longest continually producing wineries in Napa Valley and over these 100 years, has developed a reputation for consistently creating stellar wines.

Beaulieu Vineyard / 1960 St. Helena Highway / Rutherford, CA 94570 / 707-967-5200

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