Marty Bannister, Winemaker

I came to the wine industry from my interest and education in food. My cooking fascination began as a child and led me through to earning a masters degree in Foods and Nutrition. I began in the industry at Sonoma Vineyards, first as a lab technician, continuing as Director of Quality Control. After five years I left to become a founding partner of Vinquiry. This enological service business, which I continue to operate, has grown to be a cornerstone to the winemaking community with three locations and clients from across the country.

My experience and preferences have steered me to a careful touch with wines - from grape selection through to bottling. I pursue the steps of winemaking with an appreciation for purity in fruit character and the fine points of developing individual wines. Selection of grapes from dedicated vineyardists provides the base for creating tasty wines; meticulous handling completes the mission.

I’ve been making the Bannister wines since 1989 using the knowledge gained from my years in the industry. My husband, Gary, and our son, Brook have recently been able to participate with me to transition to a family effort.

Bannister Wines / 1139 Sunnyside Drive / Healdsburg, CA 95448 / Ph. & Fax 707-433-2606

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